Thursday, October 30, 2008

A fat lot can happen over ...

So... I got a sms from this weird number saying:
"May I know who is this do u stay in kengeri"
Receive: THU 19:08 30- 0ct - 08
I promptly replied back, to the same weird number, the same weird message:
"May I know who is this do u stay in kengeri"
Send: THU 19:10 30- 0ct – 08
I Rxed:
"Hey actually I lost my cell i had received call by this number so please tell me where you stay near temple"
Receive: THU 19:12 30- 0ct – 08
I Txed:
"When did u get a call from this cell? And if u have lost ur cell how do u remember a call from this cell?"
Send: THU 19:17 30- 0ct – 08
Twenty five minutes passed with no reply, and then it hit me that I might be missing out on the sequel to “A lot can happen over a coffee”.
But since the start here was hugely different, I texted thus:
"Guess I scared you away. I am sorry u lost ur phone. I don’t think we are acquainted, though. Adios"
Send: THU 19:49 30- 0ct – 08
Calling someone a scaredy - cat works all the time. A reply is guaranteed. No one lets that one slide. I waited eagerly, and sure enough the mobile buzzed and I got this incredible piece of information:
"I didnt get you"
Receive: THU 20:00 30- 0ct - 08
I so wanted to retort with a stronger version of “Go soak your head”, but there was still that chance of it being someone of the fairer sex; so I thought I would play along. But, in order to avoid further colossal misunderstandings like the one above, I resolved to henceforth dumb down my replies, so that even a four year old would go “Sheesh! Talk more mature”

And so I went:
"Hehe. To make things simpler – tell me your name and I will text mine."
Send: THU 20:02 30- 0ct – 08
"First you"
Receive: THU 20:03 30- 0ct - 08
"Lol. Sure. I am Aniruddha. Pleased to meet you. And you are?"
Send: THU 20:05 30- 0ct – 08
Receive: THU 20:06 30- 0ct – 08
Grrrrrrrr. 58 minutes through this and I end up with a vijaydreamz equivalent.
"Still think we know each other?"
Send: THU 20:10 30- 0ct – 08
"But tell me where do you stay"
Receive: THU 20:09 30- 0ct – 08
"I stay in Bangalore."
Send: THU 20:10 30- 0ct – 08
"Dude reply man"
Receive: THU 20:21 30- 0ct – 08
There was no end in sight to this. So, I resorted to the same thing that had shut him up in the first place:
"I did, mate. Told ya I was from Bangalore. How on earth did you get this number again?"
Send: THU 20:26 30- 0ct – 08
Well… Guess that worked.
Haven’t heard from him again.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles…


evilsense said...

zomfg, LMAO.

bad luck. I am not surprised at how the enthu died exponentially after knowing names ( er. sex).

vk said...

I thot by hearing 'Aniruddha' he'd have been glad at having roped in a a female.. Apparently not :-D

Dha said...

it would have seemed real strange if even after knowing the names, the enthu remained the PSD of white noise, man

Dha said...

as i said, i'm glad that he aint glad..

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Man! I was planning of writing another sequel myself and here it comes.. But I should point it out - you are really unfortunate because it is always a 'he' on the other side. :) For me it was 'Katrina' and I even heard her 'sweet' voice too!

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Rxed and Txed.. Reminds me of those tronix days.

Dha said...

you had all the luck

Rakesh Babu G R said...

Dude, I guess there are better ways of meeting females.

Dha said...

there sure are, mate..
this post was only about how one of those ways back-stabbed.

Anonymous said...

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