Saturday, October 11, 2008

A lot can happen over gtalk?


[1:39 PM, October 11, 2008]

vijaydreamz: hi
asl pls
me: hi
vijaydreamz: am 25/m located in chennai
n U???

[5:31 PM, October 11, 2008]

vijaydreamz: hi u there???
me: hey
how did u get this id?
vijaydreamz: 4rom orkut:-)
me: hehe
we havent really met before, have we?
vijaydreamz: nope dude...
jus was looking at some profiles n jus wanted to add friends n chat
me: oh
why pick guys then?
vijaydreamz: oh is it???
me: all this time you thought i was a girl?
:-o ?
vijaydreamz: yeah man...
me: c'mon, man
vijaydreamz: oops!
me: did u even look at my profile?
vijaydreamz: nope jus got ur id thought a gal
me: for future reference.. to the right of the profile.. if it says - 'His Friends'
and ‘His Communities’
it means that it is a dude
vijaydreamz: thanks mate will follow tht
me: better luck, man
vijaydreamz: cool
me: u too, mate
vijaydreamz: sure tc

P.S: I hope Kitta will not sue me for using a play of his post as the title of this post, and also most of the P.S's below.
P.P.S: I too hope the Cafe Coffee Day guys will not sue Kitta for using their slogan as the title of his
P.P.P.S: I 2 ht 'SMS Englsh'.
P.P.P.P.S: Again borrowing - Thanks to this anyways. I wanted something to write about and his chat arrived like a silver lining.
'Phinal' P.S : [Kitta's 'Phinal' P.S- Maybe I should call him back again? ;)] This is the only thing I surely ain't gonna borrow.


Anonymous said...

Are guys so jobless? :)

Dha said...

good fodder to feed into my blog anyway..

Logik said...

Several disturbing questions arise...
How did he confuse "aniruddha p.n " to be a female?
Was he just lured by your "single, age 21 status"?
If so, why did he ask age, sex location?
Did he know that you were a guy all the while, and yet choose to do what he did?

A bit of research reveals that
his profile is
His testimonial is "Good integrator, not only integrates flash but also with everyone he meets. Old ladies included." which for WTF reasons, I can't comment on.

And this innocent chap says,
"Im a smart looking guy always on the look out 4 fun and adventures.I love to chat with friends who r there with me 4ever."

Dha, save yourself before its too late.He wants fun and adventures.

Rakesh Babu G R said...

Logik is so jobless to do so much research.

Dha said...

btw.. that bit of research had already been done... though surprisingly i'd missed the integrating with old ladies part before.

as for the disturbing questions.. i can't answer those myself.. gotta ask him itself if he pings again

Logik said...

Says the dude, who can't even get up ,after watching the TV for hours together.

Message from Dha: Personal attacks are not welcome on this blog.

Dha said...

'researching' in orkut isn't that much hard..

Logik said...

@Dha - He knows that all too well.

He had given up on orkut, after it failed to give him , well, Vijaydreamz-female-equivalents. He even deleted his entire account. What a noble act of charity.

But recently, he has come back. And is known to spend a considerable amount on non-TV time on pure Orkut research.

Hashish said...

@TB and Logik: Fight Fight Fight...

Sandy said...

ha ha :) I like the comment section of this post rather than the post itself!

Dha said...

well.. whatever makes you happy dude..

evilsense said...

vijaydreamz = boy. Gtalk is gay.

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Ah! People are getting inspired by my posts! I liked the post scripts very much. :) And the "Phinal" P.S. would have been better if u told - "May be i should chat with him again?". But all your readers would definitely infer something else from that statement. :)

P.S: I will not sue you. Hakuna Matata.

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...


Vijaydreamz-female equivalents! LOL..

Dha said...

hehe.. the 'Phinal PS' was rephrased for exactly the same reason..