Monday, November 3, 2008

Google Ad Non-Sense

I thought of putting up a similar post right after Google asked me whether I wanted to "Find God Right Away" after I put up "Lectures on Philosophy – Madhva Philosophy", but I resisted the urge then. Thinking back, that was the closest I ever came to finding Him - Lord Almighty was just a click away.

The same thought recurred after Google suggested I get an Airtel connection after this rant -
"Cells, Connections and Catastrophes". The irony was stark.

But the latest ads are criminally good. I had to post these up.
Bertoni & Associates
Facing the death penalty?
Get help Available 24/7
Call us today!
Matthew R. Hoff
Experienced criminal
defense lawyer
Fighting for you!
Facing The Death Penalty?
Las Vegas criminal defense firm
Serving the Las Vegas Region
Man, who would be benefited by this, I wonder. Like anyone would be checking updates on their blog, sitting in their cells in death row. As far as I know, the only thing felons get is one phone call, and a convicted dude would have used that up, long before he'd have ended up on the Green Mile.

PS: Should have taken a screen shot.


Srikanth said...

Haha,LOL man. Today morning, I almost fell for this:

"Barack Obama's IQ is 130. Can you beat him? Take our IQ test."

and that too in IBNLIVE

Srikanth said...

To be precise:

"Barack Obama's IQ is 130. : Are you smarter than Barack? Take a Free IQ Test and find out."

Dha said...

Try this.
Today morning, i stumbled on this:
John McCain's IQ = 138
Are you smarter than the next President? Take the IQ Quiz.

And that too, it was right after this item:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Barack Obama says his grandmother died Monday.

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