Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Purpose Of Life


srikanth said...

What post? :)

Rakesh Babu G R said...

An ad for the jeans?
Where do u get these pics?

Dha said...


it is a Nokia theme, man

and the pic is courtesy Vikrant Agarwal, Design Engineer, Texas Instruments..
he has the same theme in his mobile

Dha said...

btw.. the cartoons are mine..

evilsense said...

/me is disappointed.

Dha said...

damn.. i knew this would happen..
i was so close to warning you..

Som said...

Dude Sagar, you rock macha.. Too much.

Even I had some expectations. Though I agree this was a let down, I didn't expect much either 'cuz of 2 reasons:
1) Dha was blogging! :P [Sorry bitch]
2) Most of the things would have been same as whatever we have discussed if Dha had put it up seriously either!

So, lite machi! Was fun though! :D

Dha said...

never knew that you commented on blogs, man..
btw.. serious philosophy stuff doesn't go down well in blogs.. :\

start a blog, dude.. you have decent amount of real new stuff to blog about.

vk said...

@dha, som

Going by the blogs cropping up lately, anyone with a net connection can blog / blogs!

You know.. lot of white noise out there... :-P

Dha said...

but, honestly there are a lot of people with blogs of their own, man..
for example.. saman, balaji, maloo, sandeep shenoy, sadanand et cetera.