Thursday, April 3, 2008

A thousand (hidden?) words

it all started with this image i saw in digg...
so.. joblessness, loads of free time and countless images later.. the chosen (top) few ones are below...

when you see it, you'll sh*t bricks
[or atleast you are supposed to :-)]
[aside: wait till you see it, anyway]

Spoiler 1: if you followed the link in the first sentence, and still couldn't figure out what you were looking for, check out the shape of the water droplets...

Embrace the Random
pic [1]pic [2]
pic [3]
pic [4]
pic [5]pic [6]

The in'sights' you are looking for are in the first comment.. check the comments page :-)
Also, by the way these two completely floored me :
unsolved [1]unsolved [2]Enjoy... and if you can find anything in the last two images... post a comment :-)

[ps: i really have to thank the ccc authorities for forgetting to remove net from the blocks... net speeds have never been this high before]


Dha said...

The Answers
pic [1]: a child staring at you at the bottom of stairs [left end of the pic]

pic [2]: count her fingers :P

pic [3]: there is a black dude sitting next to the white dude [first row]

pic [4]: human head [end leftish]

pic [5]: a whole human baby.. the legs are at the right end, follow the outline.. along the river towards the sky.. you have the face and the hands.. viola!!

pic [6]: i could make out a LOL
[obvious one]

and i have no clue about the remaining two

Dha said...

- lots of ppl could see an eye/ eyes
- one saw a hanging man in the forest
- i see only trees

- 0 ninjas found

Logik said...

first tree , u can see four faces..
bottomhalf face with the joint tree making one more half of a diff face.
a little above, a face like some indus valley witch doctor.
above it, a stylish dudeface
above it, a smiley face

Dha said...

i can see the faces too..
watch the tree which has its roots on the "N" of the word MIND, travel up the bark, and there is a prominent eye.. face [1], watching the left corner of the pic. face [2] and [3] are right above face [1], and the features are merged. face [3] has bushy eyebrows.. and both watch right
face[4] is topmost.. and is dour faced