Thursday, April 17, 2008

There And Back Again

sringeri, soothanabbi falls (hanumangundi), hornadu, kudremukh, ambuteertha, lakya dam
- were all really amazing!!

Scenes from a Hat:
The bridge seemingly to nowhere
con with the cam [not in the pic]
Soothanabbi falls (Hanumangundi)
ajay with the cam [not in the pic]
One random pic
of the greenery all along the way
A bird's eye view
lakya dam
had to get a pic of the car in the post too... Tea Plantations (Kudremukh)
con with the cam [not in the pic, again]
Adishaktyatmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple (Horanadu)
coz photos are striclty prohibited inside
Ambuteertha/ Ambatirta
the whole group [ajay, sanjay (ganja), amod, anup (con), me, poonam]
seventeeth of april, 08.
another impromptu trip... initial stabs leading to the reduction to the number of cars to one (from two) and the number in the group from 8 to 6...

...the long wait for con to finish his bath...the cramped back seat in the car... ganja's constant cribbing...the NH17 at 5:30 in the morning.. the Sharadamba temple (sringeri)... the dude who could make a stone bounce ten times on the water and cross the river to the other bank...attempts to feed and touch the huge fish ... the leech... the cold water in the falls in Hanumangundi... the Soothanafalls as such... the tea plantations near Kudremukh... the bitter taste of raw tea leaves... the Annaporneshwari temple in Horanadu... beet root sambar and paysa for lunch... Tunga river in Ambuteertha... the sculpture on the rock in the ground... the total desert - like appearance of Lakya dam with not a drop of water anywhere around... crazy theories to use the vast empty space of the dam.. the double hairpin bends... banana chips and vacuum sealed doodh pedas.. the petorl pump in kudremukh..the slight NDE... the awesome arbit discussions... random photos... the pjs all along the way...
[huge satisfied sigh]
one hell of a day... one hell of a trip...
great way to liven up the last week in nitk...

CHWE, dudes, CHWE*!!!

\\if (the reader belongs to the set {amod, ajay, sanjay, con, poonam})
"no further description necessary";
"the kind reader's reference/ tour guide is any person in the set + {me}";
end if;\\
*[chwe: a cry of approval as from an audience at the end of a great performance, a great trip, a job well done, and other similar situations where one would say 'whate'..(courtesy ganja)]


Amod said...

Yeah! A great way to spend a day... the driving part of it was the most fun. The longest stretch of bad roads was about 10 meters long!!! Great fun!

Ajay said...

Awesome one day trip... Perhaps the last one from NITK... Feels great to be a part of it. It was a rehearsal for me, for I have to retrace the entire trip back.

As usual, nicely put by Dha,

Poonam said...

Great trip! :) It was one of the most enjoyable and memorable days here. Awesome word-painting by Dha!


Sanjay said...

Dha wants to test something with his blog. So here's my comment. Consider this to be a moo point [in the context of friends].

Logik said...

CHWE to the post....

Lakya dam looks awesome when filled. A nice sight even otherwise.
Hornadu Oota. yummmmmy
con's first trip, I guess.... lol

Ajay said...

test comment test 123