Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Your MInd

this is one of the best optical illusions i have come across.
one of the best.

the girl moves in both directions.. clockwise and anticlockwise

*blows your mind off once you see it*
*falls on the floor laughing*
*this stuff is intense*

stuff that helps
- concentrate on the feet and the shadows
- have patience
- i know guys here who can control her direction of rotation at will
- i assure you, its worth the wait

post a comment if you could figure it out.


Akshay.N.R said...

SHIT! I got that man!
How the f*** does it work????
Mindf***ed! Where the hell did u find it?

Dha said...

it has something to do with the image having only two colors and no depth..

the first time she turns in the other direction is effing awesome!!!

and i found it when i was lookin for pics to put for the previous post.... a thousand (hidden) words