Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sumpin’ Similar To Gadsby

This paragraph is to show that it is straightforward to put in writing, anything with laws and/or constraints, than without any group of laws.
With a group of constraints/ laws - words, writing approach on hand is only a small part of a total group of all words - so choosing amongst this is not that difficult at all.
You can apply this to clarify why writing songs or lyrics is not hard, in contrast with scripting a book, a story or any standard work of fiction, which has no limitations.
Mahabharata has lakh(s) of stanzas, and it is said that, Kumaravyasa did not modify any stanza which was put down by him. Additional illustrations consist of grand works similar to Mahabharata as in Ramayana, Abhinaya Shakuntala, Artha Charita, Rutu Samhara…
All stanzas confirm to a rigid group of laws, so if first row is put down, following stanza almost flows naturally. This works truly, assuming that author has mandatory, obligatory control of his lingo, and is also smart, artistic, and original.
Thus most of all information from our distant past is in songs and stanzas than paragraphs or books.
So, that brings us to this post. As this is not a song, it adopts an unusual constraint to go along with this thought flow. Now, any author, from history’s dawn, always had that most important aid to writing: an ability to call upon any word in his dictionary in building up his story. That is strict laws as to word construction did not block his path. But in this paragraph a mighty obstruction will constantly stand in my path; for many an important, common word I cannot adopt, owing to its orthography.
This paragraph has 375 words, and it follows a constraint that it should not contain a particular, most commonly occurring graphic symbol that you can spot in all manuscripts guys publish in this lingo. [I am talking about fifth graphic symbol in Roman Script]
Although, I must admit, writing this was actually a small confrontation, than a happy walk in a park.
Hats off to Wright, author of Gadsby. His composition has 50,000 odd words without this ‘symbol’ that humans apply in surplus than all similar ‘symbol’s in this particular lingo.


Logik said...

Amazing work dha, I must say, that was brilliant work. A symbol so charmingly important, continuously missing from a post that frankly has no stuff to start with.
Adding to that, is living so boring, that you would stoop to such stupidity? Assuming that you still contain rational spirits that you had in NITK, why is it so difficult for you to stop writing this bullcrap?.
If gadsby could do it, so can I.....
Do not hurl insults at Logik.
I cum in Shanti....LOL

Dha said...

u cum in shanti??
thats disgusting...