Saturday, April 11, 2009


There’s a long and lonely highway
Crisscrossed by several byways
Leading to the cherished doorway
Many men, from the right way, sway.

The highway’s bumpy, and not all plain
Riddled with vices – the enemies of man
To tempt us, as best as they can
To smoother roads they promise, but to the frying pan

As tall beacons they stand everywhere
Spilling bright light and showing us the way
Lest we just become some common prey
Or in the huge maze, totally lose our way.

Guiding us back, if lost and astray,
Encouraging us, to seek the right way,
Lifting us up, when we fall, gently they say
Seeing us reach the goal – the doorway.

Preaching us to walk on our own legs
Helping us to find our own footsteps
Trying forever to make us the best
They are equal to God, ‘tis not a jest.

  • This was written when I was in 10th standard or so.
  • Edited and posted after more than 6 years.


Mathangi Raghuraman said...

Helluva contradictions (rising exponential) in you from the "then" version and now :)Nevertheless, another good one!

Dha said...

i know..
this was written when i still seemed to have had some faith in the system.
btw... thanks!

evilsense said...

wrong wrong... you were seriously brain-washed...

but the honest and innocent kid is now transformed =)

Dha said...

i should say i like your version better

skhajone said...

Nice one dude :)
Keep it up :)

Dha said...

thanks for the encouragement, man!