Monday, April 27, 2009

Edit: White Noise (Header)

The full screen F11 screen shot on my computer looks something like this. Scrolling down is absolutely essential for every small thing. This is in no way user friendly. And me being the most frequent user, it doesn't help in any way. And as the blog is creepy as it is, I can get rid of the huge picture.

Anyway, since there was some effort in choosing that particular picture and caption, and since the net keeps stabbing every five minutes or so, I thought I would write a couple of lines to justify why they were put up in the first place, before discarding them.

The header picture is the theatrical poster for the movie - White Noise, released in 2005.The caption is a play on the original quote by Don DeLillo on his own book called White Noise."It's about fear, death, and technology. A comedy, of course." -- DeLillo quoted in 1984. And I duly changed it to - "It's about randomness, life, and philosophy. A comedy, of course."

What the book - White Noise by DeLillo is really about -
From the DeCurtis interview, DeLillo:
"In White Noise in particular, I tried to find a kind of radiance in dailiness. Sometimes this radiance can be almost frightening. Other times it can be almost holy or sacred.... Our sense of fear--we avoid it because we feel it so deeply, so there is an intense conflict at work.... I think it is something we all feel, something we almost never talk about, something that is almost there. I tried to relate it in White Noise to this other sense of transcendence that lies just beyond our touch. This extraordinary wonder of things is somehow related to the extraordinary dread, to the death fear we try to keep beneath the surface of our perceptions."
I try to do exaclty the same, as evident from any random post of mine. :P

The idea was to continue ranting till the net stabilies. And it has now. /Rant thus
Btw, this blog made the status message of some 8 people in my gchat list simultaneoulsy. It is worth a read. :)
PS: The full screen F11 screen shot of the blog looks now like this:Only the font remains. Way better now. LQTM at Leo Tolstoy Quote though.
PPS: For those who follow anime - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has started. YAY!


Logik said...

That pic was really good.. I thought you got some cool online generator for that..
Thoo, you Reader-friendly wastage

Dha said...

I can always put it back.. still have the pic template with me.
btw.. THE VIDEO is awesome
lolol from the last 5 mins.
have you seen the fake ipl player blog btw?

Logik said...

THE VIDEO was one of the best things to happen in final year.
Yeah, read fake ipl player. Nice timepass. Too many noobs there now though. Some 500 comments at each post.
People dissecting various options as to who it can be. Why can't they just STFU and chumma read.

Dha said...

Too many, man..
The number of people following the blog increases by three every two minutes or so..
1203 comments in the last but one post

Mathangi Raghuraman said...

Gtalk convos in 'comments' section?
Can it be more desperate?(chandler's style):p :d

Dha said...

for a second i was about to ask you - how did you manage that inverted b at the end of your comment?
never mind now, though