Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Blue Folder

And so I found this thick blue folder this morning. I hadn't come across that for a very long time now. It used to be the source of all knowledge and wisdom. It also used to be the storage space for all creative outpourings before the advent of Web 2.0.
The contents of the folder included old question papers, random NTSE exam problem solving tips, humorous quotations and random quotations printed on the huge computer sheets with holes punched on both sides, the message of Gandhi and other leaders, random quiz questions, articles about the environment, culture, teaching in the mother tongue as opposed to English etc.. And more importantly it contained most of whatever I had written (with a lot of help from my dad) for the various essay competitions, speeches, debates etc. It also contained arbitrary pieces of poetry, random sketchings etc.
A good part of today was spent in posting the stuff that was in English here. That explains the four posts that follow this one.
:)PS: Both pics were ripped off the internet. Neither of them accurately describe the blue folder. The second one comes close though.

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