Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When you see it...

[before you start.... click on the image to watch it in full resolution...]

[bonus image follows: 'coz the resized version above reduces half the surprise]
[click for a better resolution]


srikanth said...

Shudders indeed. I first thought this one was a parody on the photoshop ghost gags.... But a glance at the margins made me realize that this is one of them.

Anyway, gave me a shiver down the spine.

Dha said...

i expected some female to scream out of the page..
but this is scarier..


Logik said...

screaming out of the page is really irritating.
this was just some stupid peeking kid.. i cud almost see it in the original pic itself

Dha said...

the stupid pic gets resized, man..
the original was way bigger than this one in full resolution..

Thippur Akshaya said...

good one kano...

Dha said...

thanks, mate..
i'd got a few other similar ones a while back..
check these...

Dha said...

For those who couldn't observe what was supposed to be seen -
1. In the first image, check the left margin
2. In the second image, check the top of the door, towards the left end, into the other room


Anonymous said...

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