Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Firefox 3.5 Beta Preview

Firefox usually updates automatically every time there is a new release. The only difference is the look of the home page this time around:Looks like it came right out of a sci-fi manga.

PS: The only difference from the other version, that I can see right away, is the 'Open a new tab' button on the opened-tabs bar has gone pale, compared to the bluish color previously.
PPS: Everything else feels the same.
PPPS: YAY! that its been raining cats and dogs for about two hours now.


evilsense said...

When firefox comes out, that image will be replaced. They have similar images for beta/preview.

Apart from that there are *shitloads* of new things in firefox 3.5. Main ones to look out for:
1. Support for HTML5 - this will be a killer, especially if sites start supporting video tag, one can do lot more stuff than adobe flash with html5+javascript.
2. Javascript boost: => Your gmail, and all other websites work faster.

These are internal stuff and there are otehr cosmetic stuff for usage.

Dha said...

anyway.. all the other times there was a firefox beta update.. it was the usual formal-looking pale blue background itself.