Tuesday, June 9, 2009

According to brilliance...

.. the Manga/ Anime I have read/seen till now:

1. One Piece [Manga + Anime]
2. Berserk [Manga + Anime]
3. Bleach [Manga + Anime]
4. Naruto [Manga + Anime]
5. Death Note [Anime]
6. Full Metal Alchemist [Manga + Anime]
7. Samurai X: Rurouni Kenshin [Anime]
8. Nodame Cantabile [Anime]
9. Ubel Blatt [Manga]
10. Vagabond [Manga]
11. Kenichi [Anime]
12. Gun X Sword [Anime]
13. Gantz [Manga]
14. Eden [Manga]
15. Fruits Basket [Anime]
16. Avatar [Anime]
17. Macross Zero [Anime]
18. Akira [Manga]
19. Hellsing [Anime]
20. Busou Renkin [Anime]
21. Black Lagoon [Anime]
22. Blame! [Manga]
23. Bitter Virgin [Manga]
24. Elfen Lied [Manga]
25. Afro Samurai [Anime]

PS: Found half of this list lying around... just added whatever else came to my head.
PPS: The list doesn't include other famous titles like Dragon Ballz, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bepop, Inuyasha, Fate Stay Night, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist: Part 2: The Brotherhood, Gintama, Seirei no Moribito, Code Geass, Detective School Q etc. 'coz I haven't seen enough of these to fit them into the list.
PPPS: Got nothing good watch right now. Looking around for some decent anime (not necessarily from the list in PPS). Suggestions welcome.


evilsense said...

my favourites(must watch/read)
1. death note (anime)
2. berserk (anime)
3. samurai X (anime)
4. gun x sword (anime)
5. kenichi (anime)
5. ubel blatt(manga)
6. vagabond(manga) - decent level
7. samurai champloo (anime)

Not so good:
1. afro samurai
2. hellsing anime

@PPS => life is short

Dha said...

@@PPS: I know, man.
That's why I don't want to generally start watching a random anime.
Seen everything else except Samurai Champloo from your list.
Still have the english version?
Or did it get (rm -rf)'ed along with all the others when your hard disk crashed?

evilsense said...

I rm -rfed it long time back man.

aadi said...

Stuff I am planning to read/watch:
Wolfs rain, Liars game.

Just finished Trigun. Nothing great except for the cowboy theme and music which i totally love.

But My ALl TIme Awesome List(Includes comics/cartoons):
2)CowBoy Bebop
4)Samurai Champloo
5)V for Vendetta(Comic)
7)The Dark Knight Returns(Comic)
8)Gundam (3rd - 4th std)
9)Swat Kats
11)Berlin-City of Stones(Comic)

3)Full Metal Alchemist
4)Flame of Recca(8th std)
5)ninja robots

You should also make a list of all the awesome books/movies that i may not have seen.

aadi said...

Forgot to mention Lone Wolf and the Cub Volume 24. The graphic art is awesome. Hopefully will read the complete 1.6Gb collection someday.

Dha said...

thanks for the list, mate..
its way different than mine. :P
i have heard that Liars Game and Lone Wolf and Cub are awesome.
probably will start there..

btw.. where do u read stuff like Watchmen and all?