Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tetris And Motorola W230

I was watching Earthquake's - "One Night Stand", his 2005 HBO special [Stand up Comedy]. This dude, though not hilarious, has own honest material which is pretty funny at times. Anyway, he wasn't moving around a lot or using props, so I started playing Tetris on my mobile, as I was watching the show.

Now … I rarely play Tetris on my mobile. But it’s the only solution in places where music is taboo like in seriously boring lectures, non- fiction libraries, or situations like the one above - watching videos full screen while there is not much moving on the screen.

I had never before finished an entire game on my mobile though. I started playing the game when I was almost 60% through the show, and almost by the end I realized that I was playing pretty decently. I was in level 8 and the screen was empty.

So, with the prospect of making a high score, looming large, I continued. Now, anybody who has any idea about Tetris, knows that the bricks start falling faster as the level increases. And particularly in my mobile – Motorola W230, as you reach the 10th level it gets real hard to play.

So invoking all the experience I had gained while playing Tetris – [follow Logik’s detailed account here], nicknamed Sh00t, in my final year in NITK, I concentrated hard. I started planning the placement of next two bricks, so that I could press the minimum number of keys to rotate them to the required shape and get them to the required spot.

I played for well over 35 minutes - because the screen saver came on, and that doesn’t happen on my computer, until half an hour has passed with no hardware interrupts.

I reached 14th level at last. A level change occurs only after completing a particular number of lines. And that’s 35+ as the level reaches 12 or so. In 14th level, at the beginning I was well off, with only three unfinished lines at the bottom. But in this particular level the bricks come down like rain. I barely had time to recognize the shapes falling. So before long I was totally sunk under a ton of bricks and the game ended.

I was happy though. It was a high score. It could be stored in the phone’s memory forever. :D

The screen read:

Game Over:


Score: 57753

Power: 54

Level: 14

Lines: 239

Efficiency: 38


Press any Key.

And so I did.

And it gave me three options:







There is no way to score high scores. Bah!!

The only thing I got to show right now is a dull numbing pain in my left hand for holding the mobile and pressing all those damn buttons to complete 239 lines without a damn pause.

This post is to do justice to my aching hand.

So, this is a heads up for other Motorola W230 users. There’s no point playing Tetris on the mobile if you don’t have your own blog to post your high scores.


Logik said...

Is sakku runnin this as well? Knowin that chap, there is a tiny chance of that... Kudos to your attempts. We could call ourselves the tetris brethren... There is a tetris on linux.gtetris or ktetris i'm not sure.. Supposedly tough... Try it out.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! and how do you remember those numbers?

[ evilsense is sure Sh00t didnt cheat before ]

Dha said...

i used notepad, man...

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

How do u actually play that game without losing interest man? The only tetris I have played is the brick game thing.

Dha said...

Tetris is, for all practical purposes, the same brick game thing that you are talking about, man..
the change in the rules are minimal..

i can't exaclty point my finger and say 'this' is the reason i don't get bored.. but as a whole there is a sense of slight happiness every time a huge block of lines vanishes at once..