Thursday, August 21, 2008

All That Remains

Your man's back, wounded and lost,
Long has it been, since you saw him last.
He's defeated in his fight, long and hard
Atleast he's back, you are glad at heart.

Reach for the apple, as you sit by his bed,
Unbroken the peels fall, long strips red.
You smile inwardly, as for sure you know
Time's a healer, another chance's bestowed.

Revenge, long as it lasts, consumes all
Only emptiness, guilt, at the end of it all.
No good comes out of it, no one's benifited
You'd tried convincing, yet your man had fled.

The apple's neatly peeled, quatered and cut,
Your man's come around, sitting up and alert.
He's strained, weak and his head is down
But lesson's been learnt, now you will lead him on.

You smile warmingly, and offer him the fruit
He glares at you; strikes the plate with his fist
Disbelieving and hurt, you watch as he walks off again
The apple's squashed on the floor. All that remains is pain.


Anonymous said...

man!! u write poems also!! its a nice one..
but why the sad mood of the poem?
hope not related to u !


Dha said...

don't worry man, it has nothing to do with me...
btw.. sad stuff is easy to write about, man... humor is harder..

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Perfect lyrics for some groove metal or thrash metal number! The title was brilliant. Let me try to fix some riffs to it and make a number out of it.

Dha said...

sure, man
record it and upload someplace...
tell me when you do that..


Hashish said...

Oh no !! TB and Logik have bit you !!