Monday, March 10, 2008

Quotable Quotes

the following is a result of about fifteen minutes of mental groping …and comprises of the first few random utterances to pop up … thus the list, is by no means complete, nor it does any justice to most other (better?) lines by the same/ other people…

  • "i can see through everything" - som
  • "no, i'm shedding" - bhavay in reply to "dude, did u have a haircut?"
  • “come next year” - the jedi warrior to shappa, in final year
  • “i’ll wring his neck” - psb with gesticulations to show precisely how the promised action would be carried out
  • “hahahahaha” - mom
  • “hello frens” - soni
  • “people don’t study in iran, people don’t work in calcutta - one of several Takaalisms
  • “neen sariyilaappa” - machonaka
  • "yeno?" - .d
  • "tHere is a cHarge is tHere" - d kannu
  • "my room- mate will continue the course.... " - engg mech. dude
  • "feel the figure" - amba s
  • "if u want to play with me, i can also play with you"- sharanappa
  • "yenchina saavu maraya!" - arbit mess dude
  • question - “what is thin, long cylindrical and put into something hairy?"
rdp - “a probe”
question: “and the hairs??”

rdp – “virtual”

(a vicks inhaler: is what you are searching for :D )

  • "life alli kushi important"TM
ps: never meant no harm to nobody.... peace!


Hashish said...

could have been a longer list dude...

Dha said...

additions to the post are always welcome