Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Choose tronix
Choose a great friend circle
Choose the very last bench in class
Choose the topper’s notes for every damn examination. Choose A1
Choose the exact last minute for starting to attempt anything with a deadline
Choose exactly 15 credits each of in the final semesters
Choose robotics, gis, math, or any course with a majority of M-Techs
Choose wikipedia as the single source of the accumulated wisdom and knowledge
Choose looking forward to getting screwed in every examination
Choose eighth block and the king size beds
Choose raucous, bawdy conversations during blackouts
Choose to learn playing a guitar
Choose interning at damn significant places. Choose avuncular profs
Choose to buy any computer with windows 95+, or with any form of Linux. Choose goddamn loud speakers. Choose APC UPS
Choose never to switch off the comp
Choose coming up with arbit T-shirts saying ‘choose not to care’
Choose nitk lingax
Choose bare-back trekking, beach walking and arbit trips. Choose nature
Choose nocturnal behavior. Choose rising after sunset
Choose Bangalore every time you need a haircut
Choose dumb charades, pot pourrie, crossies, trivia, and random quizzes
Choose engineer. Choose incident
Choose either to boycott all committees, lie back and watch the weather change or choose masterminding and executing the entire show
Choose Sam-D for breakfast, Neha Food Court for lunch, Basheer for dinner, FnH for coffee, and Amul for everything else
Choose Mangalore hotels for all kinds of treats. Choose Bittu sometimes, for no reason at all
Choose to avoid drinking. Choose Baba instead
Choose DC++. Choose the weirdest nick. Choose the main chat window for every random thought
Choose watching any movie that you can lay your hands on
Choose psychedelic rock, grunge rock, alternative music, death metal. Choose Tool
Choose House MD, Friends, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, 2.5 men, Coupling, HIMYM, Scrubs… in that order
Choose anime when all of the above has been exhausted
Choose Russel Peters, Chris Rock, Pablo Francisco, George Carlin, Robin Williams and all other stand up comedians
Choose Quake, DOTA, Counter Strike, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft or atleast Tetris
Choose playing TT overnight
Choose playing badminton with anything that comes close to a cock
Choose four stumps and tennis ball cricket. Choose PG ground
Choose attending men’s football and women’s basketball
Choose chatting with arbit people who are, say, friends of an acquaintance’s room-mate’s sister. Choose gtalk
Choose digg.com as the source of news all over the world.
Choose ultrasurf. Choose to screw ironport
Choose a great job/ top ranked universities/ IIM A, B, C/ IISc whichever makes you happy, for the times to come. Choose a future
Choose sobriety. Choose not to smoke. Choose to get high on random information, music, coffee and other non-lethal stuff
Choose vegetarianism, theism coz they never hurt anyone
Choose staying single before even thinking of trying to choose anything else
Choose (as long as you are still in your wide- eyed formative years) attempting for every damn club, attending every damn class, participating in everything the posters on the wall hint about; choose every movie aired in SAC, choose dancing in all kinds of musical nights, choose CCC; but, later choose to grow up, choose final year, choose the rest of the list

Choose nitk

Choose life

And the reasons? There are no reasons…


Anonymous said...

Choose to totally not get the point of John Hodge's poem.

Hashish said...

Choose not to read Logik's blogs....Otherwise nice albeit a very long one

Dha said...

the post was supposed to be some kind of an ode to nitk... incorporating all (applicable) aspects of life... thus the length..

evilsense said...

Choose mental hospital

Abhishek Upadhya.M said...

"Choose playing badminton with anything that comes close to a cock".
- No comments..

Adding some more to this splendid list.

Choose tronix. Choose White noise..
Choose sloth. Choose Bliss.
Choose Half Maggi. Choose Mysore Mess.
Choose to jug everything apart from undies[ and maybe that too].
Choose the final year spirit, and the kicking of that bit of nostalgia.
Choose to mark and bug some people for no reason whatsoever.
Choose friends for life.

Choose NITK.. Choose Life.
[ Sorry i'd to lift that.. I couldnt think of anything more appropriate].

Dha said...

Choose to incorporate the non-sarcastic way of looking at John Hodge's poem.. the itemization of things in everyday life of a good citizen...
Choose to leave out heroin
Choose to imply that life in nitk beats dope

Ritesh. P said...

Choose... really goes a long way in describing the kind of a life we squeeze into at NIT-K. It's a proportionate mix of agony and pleasure which goes on for a good 4 years, making us all the more prepared to endure anything severe. Dha's captured it well and dished out, in his own rollicking style...!

vk said...

That one rocked!! Great Going dude...

Ajay said...

Choose golibaje
Choose Kediyoor
Choose Beach Frisbee
Choose general class train to Bangalore
Choose SPICMACAY Concerts and guest house dinner
Choose Dha's Blog!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I Choose not to comment on this post.I Choose anonymity :P :D.

Dha said...

anonymous requested the comment to be deleted himself..