Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Stand Up Comedians

From all the stand up comedy that I have watched, this is the list of comics that I have. The list is arranged in the descending order - from the best to the so-so and less.
[Wherever I could recollect, the name of the show that I have seen them in is also added]

1. Bernie Mac - The Original Kings of Comedy, Def Comedy Jam
2. DL Hugely - The Original Kings of Comedy, Def Comedy Jam,
3. Steve Harvey - The Original Kings of Comedy
4. Cedric the Entertainer - The Original Kings of Comedy
[Mentioned at the top because the whole show - The Original Kings of Comedy, is simply, just simply, hilarious]
5. Mitch Hedberg - Mitch Hedberg Special
6. Chris Rock - Bring the Pain, Bigger and Blacker, Kill the Messenger, Never Scared
7. Richard Pryor - Random clips
8. George Carlin - Random clips
9. Rowan Atkinson - Rowan Atkinson: Live
10. Robin Williams - Reality, What A Concept; Robin Williams: Live on Broadway
11. Bill Maher - Be More Cynical, Victory Begins At Home
12. Dave Gorman - Googlewhack adventures
13. Eddie Murphy - Random clips
14. Dylan Moran - Monster
15. Earthquake - One Night Stand, About Goddamn Time
16. Lewis Black - Red, White and Screwed; Black on Broadway
17. Zach Galifianakis - Purple onion, Between Two Ferns
18. Chris Tucker - Random clips
19. Russel Peters - New york central: Live; Red, White and Brown
20. Jeff Dunham - Spark Of Insanity
21. Robert Schimmel - Unprotected
22. Dave Chappele - For what its worth
23. Jo Koy - Jo Koy Special
24. Pablo Fransisco - Bits and Pieces
25. Katt Williams - American Hustle
26. Joe Rogan - Joe Rogan: Live
27. Jerry Seinfeld - from Seinfeld
28. Brian Regan, Demen Martin, Jim Gaffigan, Sebastian Maniscalco - Comedy Central
29. Dane Cook - The Insomniac Tour, Vicious Circle
30. Carlos Mencia - Take A Joke America; Mind of Mencia, No Strings Attached


Logik said...

oh, gotta check out that original kings stuff.

Dude, no Bill hicks, what the?

Keep updating this list. helps the regular standup fans.

Use Insertion sort :P

Dha said...

Haven't seen Bill Hicks perform anywhere, man.
Got to check that out sometime.
And sure.
Insertion sort it is

Senthil said...

You missed Anjelah Johnson.

She got atleast double the number of views in youtube than any of the members in your list...

Dha said...

No, man..
The list of top female comediennes would probably go: Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Ellen DeGeneres.
Angelah Johnson would be way down that list.
And Sarah Silverman herself doesn't figure in the top 30.