Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gmail: Set status here [Part 2]

After having seriously considered putting up a blank post tagged Life is still like that, for about 10 minutes, I thought since all the gchat status message space is being occupied these days... I would just put up random lines here that probably might have been put up there:

These follow no particular order. They make no particular sense too.
  • Been to Hyderabad. Attended cousin sister's wedding. Came back. That's about all that happened.
  • Read the Watchmen comics. The only non-manga comics till now. Liked them better than the movie. The movie wasn't that bad to be fair too.
  • Read Ender's Game. Best science fiction I have read till now. Though the only others I remember reading are Asimov's 'A Child of Time' and Arthur Clarke's '3001, The Final Odyssey'. I do remember reading a book about sci-fi short stories, but its too far into the past and all too vague.
  • Saw Harry Potter -and the Half Blood Prince in Inox, Forum. Liked Ron and Luna's acting. Liked the scene with the fire and Inferi in the end. The rest of the movie was trash. Re-reading the book to get over it.
  • One Piece and Bleach manga are reaching amazing heights these days. And if you in any way like anime or manga, I would really recommend that you start on these. Naruto Shippuden is not too bad too. But the first two over shadow this.
  • Been watching a lot of Joe Odagiri's movies. Yet to see one movie of his which was not downright brilliant. Saw Dream last. New respect for the dude.
  • Watched the second season of Black Lagoon. Hate that they stopped at that. It was really good.
  • Started watching Samurai Deeper Kyo. Seems better than Buso Renkin. But still don't feel it measures in any way up to most other anime series that I have seen
  • Read A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet. The last paper back I read. Again, since I mostly used to read bits of it on the bus, and it was not all in one sitting, it didn't feel all that great.
  • Have a Wilbur Smith(Wild Justice) and a Arthur Hailey (In High Places) now. Yet to start either. Miss reading books in one sitting.
  • Saw the trailer for Dexter 4. Hate that no decent serials restart in the near future.
  • Listening to Tool after a long time. Sounds good.
  • And from 11:10 pm to 11:17 pm these are the only things that came into the mind.
  • Life goes on.
  • Sigh!
PS: Gmail: Set Status Here was posted April 16th,2008. Thus the [Part 2] in the title.


Anonymous said...

Pray tell me which "other" anime does not compare to "Samurai Deeper Kyo"? I know the starting looks bad.... but around 10th episode or so it picks up really well....Hail Mibu Kyoshiro sama

Dha said...

Haven't seen enough of Samurai Deeper Kyo to really comment. But I really did like Seirei no moribito and Black Lagoon - Second Season, Trigun better. And I saw these anime after I started Samurai Deeper Kyo. But anyway.. Samurai Deeper Kyo has got nothin on One Piece, Bleach, Berserk, Naruto, FMA, Death Note etc. These are a band apart.