Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ragihalli, Muninagar [Text]

Updated: Added words
The Date [Strato]: 20/2/2009
The Time [Strato]: 1330 hrs
The Team: Me, VK, Evilsense, Ganja, Ashok
The Place: Ragihalli
The Transportation: Bikes and the BMTC
The Tags: Trek / Night Out / Sunrise / Sunset / Rocks/ Orion/ Stars/ Oranges/ Jam in a tube/ Macchu/ Japanese/ Torches/ Music/ Venus/ Mars/ Grass Bed/ Bridge/ Village/ Children/ Chocolates/ Cucumbers/ Kerosene/ Conversation/
The Unmundane:
The Quiet
The Meteorite
The Satellite
The Rock Bombs
The Brambles
The Campfire
The Stories of Deer + Monkeys + Bears + Elephants
The Dried Elephant Poo
The Fresh Elephant Poo
The Effect of Cold and Dew on Water Absorbent Bedsheets
The Effect of Water Absorbent Bedsheets on Warm Blooded Beings
The Non-functional - Always On - Bike Headlight
The 23 People On The Street Who Made Gestures to Switch Off the Above Headlight
The Effect of Fast Bikes And Empty Roads After Bangalore Traffic
The Effect of the Above on Warm Blooded Beings
The Pictures:
This blog, Two posts below. Ragihalli, Muninagar [Pictures]
VK's Facebook Album
The Date[End]: 21/2/2009
The Time[End]: 1130 hrs


evilsense said...

1. We left macchu on top of the hill itself, damn u =p
2. Always on headlight was not really any fault in the bike. The pass which is used to overtake was pressed by those kids =p

Dha said...

1. i distinctly remember sanjay mentioning that he had put the machchu into one of the bags, man
[but it aint in mine though]
2. lol@2

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Checked out the pics. Brilliant ones.

Dha said...