Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finite Monkey Theorem

The infinite monkey theorem states that infinite monkeys hitting keys at random on infinite keyboards for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare.

This is yet another three monkey, five minute job.
But since...
is the truth - One of these days...
I am going to use the above advice and recruit more monkeys

Btw, I came across this flowchart that said - How to get a six figure income by blogging. It is shared here for all to peruse.
Traversing it, I got:
START - [NO, YES, YES, YES, YES] - [NO, YES, YES, YES, YES] - [NO, YES, YES, YES, YES].... forever..

And after about a year:

Google Adsense:- All Time - Total Earnings : $0.15.



Logik said...

Dude.. I reached nearly 14$ before google realised there was something fishy, and pulled the plug. My adsense account got banned.. lol.

srikanth said...


srikanth said...

Sorry man, That was my pet monkey.
I seriously think Google should start giving out bananas instead of bucks.

Dha said...

Infinite Monkey Theorem 2.0 -
"The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a computer keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely create a particular operating system, such as Linux or OS X. In this context, "almost surely" is a euphemism meaning "one could only hope," and the "monkey" is an actual monkey. Attempting to prove the theorem illustrates the perils of equipping actual monkeys with actual computer keyboards and then unleashing what they produce upon unsuspecting consumers: The probability of a monkey creating an operating system of a quality akin to that of, say, Linux or OS X is so tiny that when the experiment was conducted the result was Windows Vista."


Dha said...

And I quote:
:The finite monkeys theorem is a corollary to the infinite monkeys theorem which states that if you have a finite number of monkeys in a room with a finite number of typewriters, after a finite amount of time, the room will smell awful and you'll have a lot of pieces of paper that look like this:


In other words.. a finite number of monkeys and a finite amount of time is basically useless, as far as producing great works of literature are concerned."


Dha said...

So, you are using feedburner now?

Yea, man..
Bananas > $0.15


evilsense said...

When you leave infinite monkeys to get some work done, some of them evolve to humans given infinite time and those evolved monkeys get your job done.

Just give it to a human.

Logik said...

I've been using feedburner since long, why do you ask?
Adsense is a scam. Us good writers aren't behind their paltry pittance. Screw them. We're into blogging for the joys of writing alone.

Anonymous said...

Dude did you like randomly decide that you will stop putting up any original stuff and that you will only keep on writing about "blogging"and its absence???!!!???

Get your ass down to writing more of your short stories...

Dha said...

My sincere and most humble apologies to you.
For original and innovative stuff search stuff like:
They might better suit your tastes