Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Price Less

As I was rummaging my bag, looking for my elusive PAN card, I chanced upon this relic.
This was created during one of those HR type trainings, that we had during the first month in TI.
As a part of the alternate/parallel-thinking session, we were all given a quarter kg cardboard, and were asked to depict four qualities that an ideal man person should posses, through a picture or a scene.
I vaguely remember it also involved a part where a person proud of his work could actually present it to the entire populace there. I distinctly remember not volunteering for that part.

Mine looked like this:


Srikanth said...

LOL man... welcome back

Dha said...

hehe.. thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

good ones :)

Dha said...

and thanks again...