Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need for Speed

In a day otherwise plauged by vague lectures and over-the-head static timing analysis fundae, I chanced upon something that one doesn't normally see in this part of the world.

I had about twenty minutes to go before the second pointless session started, and there were a lot of computers around. Naturally, I logged on to one machine to 'browse-maadi'.

But, I simply had to download Mozilla Firefox, as Internet Explorer Version:6.0.2900.2180 was my only other pathetic excuse for a substitute. So, that's exactly what I did.

And this is what i got.
This is what I got.:-0
One of the very few situations in life when you can exclaim - with real conviction:


Dha said...

I need to post a better picture..
Anyway that reads...
Downloded: 7.15MB in 2 seconds
Transfer Rate: 3.57 MB/Sec

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Dude.. I have got 5 MB/sec once at about seven PM in my office. I was just clicking on a few songs and they used to get saved to my desktop instantaneously!

Dha said...

Nice, man
and that 3.57 Mb/sec was once in a blue moon kinda thing..
Right now the download speed is only about 127 Kbps

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