Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ever heard of.... Giraffes?

Well… just when you thought the blog couldn’t get any weirder… here’s another random post for you..

This one is all about giraffes…

“Knock, Knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Giraffe who?”
“No, that’s my dad. This is Giraffe Hu Jr.”

  • Ever heard of the giraffe that couldn’t undergo a normal delivery for her first-born?
  • Her baby had acrophobia – the fear of heights.
  • Ever heard of the giraffe doctor who was tired of treating Cervicalgia?
  • It was literally a huge pain in the neck.
  • Ever heard of the giraffe who went in for surgery just because his stomach was upset?
  • He got tired of waiting for the bile to rise up his damn neck, so he could throw up in peace.

  • Ever heard of the giraffe that knew that both humans and giraffes had the same number of bones in the neck?
  • It is widely rumored that he didn’t give a damn

  • Ever heard of the giraffe that had one extra neck vertebrae that ticked him to no end?
  • He called it his funny bone.
  • How do you know that there is a giraffe under your bed?
  1. Your nose is touching the ceiling
  2. The bed see-saws fearfully if you ever-so-slightly toss and turn

  • And how do you know that this one is stronger than the last one?
  1. Your nose is touching the ceiling
  2. The motion of the bed is more gentle and rocking
  3. You can’t hear any bones creaking ominously this time

  • Ever heard of the giraffe that wore real tight pants and could sing in three different languages?
  • No? Me neither.

PS: Hold on.... there is no way in which you could have ever heard these before...
I made them up last night because I couldn't sleep...
  • PS2: I hate these bullets


Logik said...

I want to see Dha once, on crack.

Dha said...


there you are ..
'Dha' once on 'Crack'

btw... why?

Logik said...

I had my doubts.
That first line in your reply just confirmed it.

So, how are the visions like?
Crack at 3 o'clock. WoW.

Dha said...

i would have liked to tell you that-
i can see the matrix
[remember that big bang episode with that asian genius kid]
but i am too damn lucid right now..

Logik said...

Lol to bbt.
Dude. Giraffe. Wtf.
Retain some class.

Dha said...

dude... its hard to come up with booker level material when one is insomniac after about 19 hours straight, man...

Logik said...

Booker. Ahem Ahem. That's aiming a bit too high. I was hoping a bit Dha-ish material at least.
But seriously. Giraffes?..
What next?. Pandas?.. Or wait ..... Llamas?..

vk said...

I'm used to seeing this stuff in my mailbox.. not my Reader!

And ya, up at 3 in the morning and ... Guys, Get a life!

Dha said...

the download speeds at 3 am are amazing, man... it reaches upto 450 kBps..
it brings in a nice feeling of dc++ all over again..
anyway..i been living in a different time zone last couple of weeks... so its really easy to get up at 3 in the morning..
and the main purpose of the post is.. there are no giraffe jokes available in the net [very very few compared to elephant or ant or monkey...]
also.. there was this question in yahoo answers that requested for giraffe jokes... so i made a few up

Logik said...

Hallelujah... Praise Dha....
The suppository of all giraffe jokes on the internet...

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