Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Perfect Plan

He looked out into the cloudless night. He took a deep breath and inhaled the pure night air, and felt the oxygen fill up his lungs. He exhaled slowly, savoring every moment. Tomorrow was going to be the day. He had waited for the day for ages. He couldn’t remember the day he wasn’t totally immersed in what tomorrow was going to be all about.
Tonight, he had time to reminisce. Although, try as he might, he could not get himself to recollect when he started working on this project. The only thing he was sure of was it was a really long time ago. But he felt sure that the effort would be worth it. It would be worth every moment spent. He felt alive. The moon was exceptionally bright. He had never felt his senses that taut before. He took another deep breath and exhaled slowly.
He had done his homework from the very beginning. He had researched a lot. He learnt everything about lock picking, alarms, security systems, underground layout of banks, explosives, getaway tactics, automobiles, electronics etc. He had read several books on crime; he had watched all movies where the protagonists were criminal masterminds who got away with the crime in the end. He even knew exactly how he was going to get all the money out from that bank, and how he would use his money laundering skills to make it seemingly vanish without a trace to everyone who would come looking for it.
His strategy was a combination of all the great techniques developed by twisted minds over the years. He had thought and thought about the entire plan making minor and sometimes not-so-minor alternatives, every now and then, till he was completely satisfied with it. It was the perfect plan. The strategy was immaculate. He would need no accomplices. It was his baby and his own. And he was going to show the world a perfect crime. He felt prepared.
He looked around his room. There were piles of reading material. There were charts, blue prints, graphs, manuscripts depicting his meticulous work over several years. There were pin ups on the walls, his calendar was filled with vital information, his dairy had essential notes he had jotted down. It was a room of a professional. It was the room of a man with only one thing on his mind. It would all have to go. He would leave no clues behind. Not a whiff. He slowly started pulling everything down, from one corner of the room. It took him more than an hour to shred every last piece of paper that had some relation with his plan. The room was now bare. He had never noticed that the wallpaper was made of purple tulips before. He took another cleansing breath, walked to the nearest garbage bin and threw away everything that had anything to do with tomorrow. That included the shredded paper. Then he walked slowly back to his place.
Tomorrow he would be one of the richest in the world. He would start anew with that amount of money. He would start a new life. He would start that new life in a different place. Even this part had been incorporated into the plan.
He went to bed then, with a smile on his face for the first time in years.
He did not wake up the following morning.
Two days later, the police broke down the door after being notified by the neighbors about a foul smell emanating from the apartment. They found a dead man in bed.
No foul play was suspected. Autopsy confirmed that the lone inhabitant of the empty house, a male of eighty five years had died due to natural causes.


Logik said...

Richest man indeed. And the plan. Perfect.
In the non-materialistic sense, of course.

vk said...

Too good man! Yet again... You have a great talent in writing such works of fiction. Looking forward to more..

Anonymous said...

wow. awesome.

Jargonesh said...